Troubleshooting FAQs

Security Troubleshooting

How does a burglar alarm work?

A burglar alarm is powered by contacts on windows and doors that tie into a main master control panel keypad. It can be armed and disarmed as needed. If there is a zone violated, the siren rings and our central station monitoring center calls you within seconds.

How does the operator know the person who answers the phone isn't an intruder?

A: Every alarm owner has a password that they use to verify their identity with the monitoring center. Think of it as a “Social Security number” for your burglar alarm.

What happens if I can't answer the phone?

If the monitoring center doesn’t get a response, the operator will contact the authorities to come to your location.

Will the operator stay on the phone with me until the police arrive?


Can I get an alarm that isn't monitored?

That’s not a good idea. Most police departments won’t answer an alarm that isn’t monitored. Plus, you are likely to get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance with a monitored alarm.

How do I arm and disarm my systems?
What do these codes mean?

BATT – Low Battery
FC – Failure to communicate, which normally means that something is wrong with your phone line
CK – This means that something wrong with a zone at your location; for example, if a back door contact isn’t working then you may see a message that says “02 Zone” (or “Zone” with whatever number was assigned to that door at installation).
AC – This should always be on your keypad; it means there is power going to the alarm. If there is no power, you must call us for service.